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Link Stripe Account to React Native

Now that you have a Stripe account and you’ve deployed your payments server, it’s time to modify the app so that it points to your own server, rather than our test Stripe account.

Open src/ShopertinoConfig.js (or VendorAppConfig.js, depending on what template you work with) and locate the Stripe config sections:

stripe_ENV: {
    API: {
      baseURL: 'https://murmuring-caverns-94283.herokuapp.com/', //your copied heroku link
      timeout: 9000,
  PUBLISHABLE_KEY: 'pk_test_LSo5mTIQqkRiTWd0eBM', // "pk_test_..." in test mode and ""pk_live_..."" in live mode
  MERCHANT_ID: 'Your_merchant_id_goes_here',
  ANDROID_PAYMENT_MODE: 'test', // test || production


  • the baseURL with the Heroku URL that you got in the previous section
  • PUBLISHABLE_KEY with the publishable key that you got from the Stripe dashboard.

This is all you need. Your app now supports payments with Stripe. Place an order and check out the transaction in your own Stripe dashboard.
You can use this test credit card, if you want to simply test the app, without getting charged:

  • number 4242 4242 4242 4242
  • exp date: 03/28
  • ccv: 123