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Enable Apple Pay on iOS

To enable Apple Pay, you need to create an Apple Merchant ID first, on Apple’s Developer Portal. Once you have a Merchant ID, you can download a certificate generated by Apple and upload it to your Stripe dashboard. Follow these detailed instructions to enable Apple Pay with Stripe.

Once you have uploaded the Apple Pay certificate to Stripe, go to src/ShopertinoConfig and update the MERCHANT_ID value with your own Apple Merchant ID.

  PUBLISHABLE_KEY: 'pk_test_LSo5mTIQqkRiTWd0eBMSDAdsdt3', // "pk_test_..." in test mode and ""pk_live_..."" in live mode
  MERCHANT_ID: 'Your_merchant_id_goes_here',
  ANDROID_PAYMENT_MODE: 'test', // test || production