Our premium Flutter App Templates are fully functional starter codebases, to help developers and entrepreneurs launch their mobile apps much faster and at a fraction of the cost. Download our Flutter starter kits to build a mobile app in minutes, from boilerplate codebases that were developed by elite Silicon Valley programmers. Don’t reinvent the wheel by starting with an empty codebase. Save thousands of dollars and months of development by leveraging hundreds of lines of code that Instamobile developers already wrote for you. All templates are up to date, running in the latest version of Dart and Flutter. Without further ado, these are the best Flutter App Templates currently available on the market.

1. Flutter Chat App Template

You can download this Flutter Chat App here. It is the most complete chat app project that you can find in the Flutter ecosystem. It is not just an app template, but an entirely functional app. While it seems simple at first, building a chat app is actually quite complex, given the fact that there are so many advanced features that each user expects out-of-box, such as typing indicators, seen statuses, group chats, etc. This Flutter app template works extremely well, everything is real-time, and kept in sync with the help of Firebase observers. Give it a try and let us know what you think about this app theme! flutter app template

2. Flutter Dating App Template

Are you building the next Tinder or Bumble? This Flutter app template is the best way to get started and save at least 6 months of development and hard work. It contains all the main Tinder features, such as swiping, matching, chatting, and in-app payments. The app is crazy fast and it has been optimized for advanced performance. The UI looks stunning as well. You can download the fully functional source code of this Flutter Dating App Template right here. This is by far the best dating app template currently available in Flutter and Dart, and it will save you many many thousands of dollars. Just look at how affordable it is, crazy! You’d pay a couple of developers for at least 6 months to get all its features done. flutter app themes

3. Flutter Video Chat App

In this day and age, pretty much any mobile app must support at some point a video chatting feature. Especially with remote work and remote services ramping up like crazy within the last years. Just look at how Zoom or Signal absolutely exploded in usage (and stock price). While Flutter is still in its incipient stages, finding good documentation on how to implement a video streaming feature in Dart is pretty hard. Fortunately, you can skip the hustle of building a Flutter video chat feature entirely, by leveraging the absolutely amazing Flutter Video Chat app template. Not only you’ll get the full source code to check out the implementation of video streaming in Flutter via WebRTC, but you’ll also get the full source code of supporting group video chats. This is the perfect app template if you are building a video conference app, a video streaming app or anything related to streaming videos (such a medical app, or a teaching app, etc). The sky is the limit really. The best part is that the video chat code is well modularized and it can be integrated into any Flutter app with only a few lines of code. You can download the full source code of this Flutter app template here: Video & Audio Calling Chat App. flutter video calling app

4. Fully Functional Flutter Instagram Clone

If the templates presented so far didn’t blow your mind yet, check out this absolutely gorgeous Flutter Instagram CloneYou read that right – this is the full source code of a fully functional social network, that looks and behaves exactly as Instagram – you have followers, feeds, ephemeral stories, chat & group chat messages, notifications and so on. It’s insane that nowadays you can launch an Instagram-like social network within 24h. This used to take years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars, but you can do it really quickly now, by leveraging such a high-quality project. Building an app like Instagram is trivial, as long as you follow the step by step guide depicted in the documentation. The best part of this Flutter app template is that it has been designed and architected by a former Instagram software engineer, so think about that! Do you know how much would it cost you to hire a former Instagram software engineer and build such a project for you? Insane! flutter instagram clone

5. Free Flutter App Template for Firebase

Firebase has gained a ton of popularity within recent years. Coupling Firebase with Flutter is extremely powerful, and gives developers an insane mix of speed, scalability and low-effort development. If you are looking to use Firebase as the backend of your Flutter mobile apps, this free Flutter app template is the best Firebase starter kit. You’ll save a couple of days of development and set up, by simply cloning the open-source Flutter project and linking it to your own Firebase account. All steps are outlined in the documentation. You’ll get features such as login, login with Facebook, registration with e-mail & password, registration / login with SMS and phone number, as well as writes and reads to Firebase Firestore, the nosql database provided by Firebase/GCP. Download the Flutter Firebase Starter Kit by following this link.

flutter firebase starter kit6. Flutter Social Network App Template

Similar to the Instagram app template described above, this social network Flutter app template is also a fully functional app, optimized for an insanely fast user experience. Everything loads instantly, and the like counts syncing is absolutely mind-blowing – that is a really complex feature to get right, and the performance here is stunning. You can download this app template here on Flutter Social Network App. It contains all the main features that the Facebook app became successful with – news feed, posts, likes / reactions, ephemeral stories, messaging and notifications, and so on. You will save 12 months of development if you decide to bootstrap your social network development with this premium Flutter app template. social network flutter

7. Real Estate Flutter App Template

With an absolutely amazing attention to details, this Real Estate Flutter App is the perfect way to get started on the development of a real estate mobile app. It contains so many complex native features, that its price is really a steal: map views, advanced custom filters, searching, reviews & ratings, chat messages, etc. It comes integrated with Firebase backend, so the app is not just a Flutter template, but a fully functional mobile app, that can be launched to the App Store / Play Store right away, in a matter of hours. This is by far the fastest Flutter app templates out there that can be used for any classifieds app, not just the real estate niche. flutter real estate listings app

8. Food Delivery Flutter App

Take advantage of the boom in the delivery space, by starting your own delivery business. Bootstrap your mobile app development with these amazing Food Delivery Flutter Apps, to save more than $30,000 and 10 months of hard work and sweat. The package contains 3 beautiful apps, being addressed at consumers, drivers and restaurant (vendor) managers. These Flutter apps can be adapted to any type of delivery business, and they also can be adapted to a single-vendor business model (e.g. a single restaurant app template). Coded by former Facebook & Twitter senior software engineers, with a ton of Flutter experience, this codebase can scale to millions of users from day one. Stop wasting time and money on development, but instead focus on what makes your app unique and launch one year earlier. Stay ahead of the curve and ahead of competition by using these 3 Flutter app templates to launch the best food delivery business out there in no time. food delivery flutter app

9. Finance App Template in Flutter

Are you working on a finance app and want to build it in Flutter? You can make use of this gorgeous finance UI Kit, fully coded in Flutter and Dart. It can be adapted to a large spectrum of apps, from banking, stock investments or wealth management apps to personal finance, portfolio or expense tracker mobile apps.

With a ton of advanced features, such as 4 different types of amazing charts (pie chart, line chart, bar chart and multi bar chart), you get everything you need to save a few months of design and development.

Just look at it – this is easily one of the most stunning Flutter app templates out there.

flutter app template finance

    Why Use Flutter App Templates

    If you don’t understand entirely what are the benefits of starting a new project with one of these Flutter app templates, here’s a list that will most likely convince you that you must not reinvent the wheel at your own cost.

    • Save 6 months of development
    • Save more than $10,000
    • Get more than 50,000 lines of code per app
    • Don’t reinvent the wheel
    • High-quality codebases written by former engineers from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
    • Save energy and hard work
    • Move fast to stay ahead of competition
    • Launch a complete MVP in days rather than months
    • Focus on what makes your business unique

    Flutter App Templates Features

    If it’s not entirely clear to you why these Flutter app templates are quite a bargain, given the extremely time-consuming and expensive development process, here are only a few things that you get out-of-box, that otherwise would take you/your developers months to get right (*if* they can get right). There are a lot of aspects that any app should support right off the bat, which usually take a lot of time to implement, so developers and entrepreneurs tend to leave them out of the MVP. These are things such as Localization, RTL, analytics, optimized onboarding, Face ID login, Apple ID Login, etc. The problem is that these can make or break your business, and you’ll never know why. By using a fully functional Flutter app template, on top of the core app functionality, you’ll get time consuming complex features such as:

    • Localization (translations – i18n)
    • RTL Support
    • Dark Mode
    • Face ID / Touch ID / Apple ID Login
    • Login / Registration / Forgot Password
    • Push Notifications
    • Profile Management / Settings / Account Details
    • Login with Facebook / Login with Google
    • Performance improvements (Image Caching, Loading States, Empty States, Haptics Feedback, etc)
    • Stunning UI & UX Design
    • … and many more

    Flutter app templates If you’re looking for a Flutter app template that you can’t find on this page, please contact us and request it. At Instamobile, we are trying to cover all generic use cases for mobile apps, so that any app idea can be built by using our free and premium Flutter app templates. If you’re looking for open-source Flutter projects, feel free to check out our free Flutter app templates. These are the best free and premium Flutter app templates currently available in the ecosystem. If you find even more high-quality Flutter templates, please contact us with their links and we’ll be happy to include them in this list.

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