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Launching your own taxi ride sharing app? Save years of development and publish your iOS and Android apps today with our Uber Clone package. Our Uber Clone contains the fully working source code for:

  • Ride sharing app (app for passengers)
  • Drivers’ app (for drivers)
  • Admin Panel (web dashboard for admins)

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The source code is written in React Native, which means you can launch mobile native apps to both iOS and Android at the same time. Our documentation also covers all the steps you need to take in order to customize the apps and publish them to the app stores.

Why Buy Our Uber Clone

  • Coded by former Uber & Facebook engineers
  • Save 1 year of development
  • Save more than $100,000
  • Scale to millions of users from day one

Building an app like Uber or Lyft? Use our taxi booking app template, that comes with the full source code, to bootstrap your mobile app making process and save years of design and development.

Core Features

Core Taxi App Features
  • Book a Ride
  • Automatic¬†Dispatch
  • Track driver on the map
  • Map GPS Navigation
  • Payments (to drivers, with commission)
  • Automatic Price Calculator
  • Tips
  • Ratings & Reviews
Drivers’ App
  • Accept / Reject new passenger
  • GPS Navigation
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Receive Payments
Admin Panel
  • Track all drivers
  • Track all current rides
  • Evaluate and approve new driver applications
  • Manage commissions
  • User management

Our Uber Clone is the best taxi app template currently available on the market. At Instamobile, we strive to provide the most high-quality mobile app clones available out there. We are a team of engineers with Silicon Valley experience in companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Uber and Twitter. We are passionate about building top notch software that scales to billions of users.  

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