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Location, which lives in src/Core/location, contains our UI code for dealing with location operations, such choosing a location in an interactive UI. The main component in this module is IMLocationSelectorModal.


This is a UI component that displays a map on the screen and allows the user to interact with it in order to choose a specific location. We use this component in situations like:

  • Adding real estate items (in the real estate app)
  • Checkins in social networks apps
  • Picking the store locations in universal listings app

To use this component, all you need to do is this:


The names of the props should be pretty much self-explanatory. You’ll notice that the initial coordinate on which the map is focused is a static location. You can specify that location inside the IMLocationSelectorModal file:

const [region, setRegion] = useState({
  latitude: 37.7749,
  longitude: -122.4194,