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Today we are going to discuss the top 10  React Native Open Source apps which are very popular in the React Native ecosystem and which you should consider using in your next React Native project.

In today’s world of programming, you will see a lot of libraries and frameworks available in every programming language to make the programmer’s task easier. Reusing code is as crucial as ever, given the fierce competition in the tech world. At Instamobile, we allow developers and entrepreneurs to launch their apps faster by providing them with functional React Native Templates.

1. React Native Starter Kit

react native open source projects

This React Native Starter Kit, built by Instamobile, is a functional open source React Native app that gives you a ton of useful and popular features, such as Firebase Database integration, Storage, Push Notifications, User Onboarding, Persistent Login Credentials, and many more.

With a beautiful design for the onboarding screens and a ton of already implemented features, you can jump straight into the action with your app, rather than reinventing the wheel and writing all that boring boierplate code.

2. F8 App 2017

The F8 App is one of the recommended open source projects with 13K-stars on GitHub. This React Native project is very popular because it’s a real-world showcase example of a product built from React Native, not only source code. Facebook released a series of tutorials. Download the app from here fbsamples/f8app.

3. React Native Elements

react-native-elements is a highly customizable cross-platform UI toolkit built entirely in Javascript. With over 12k stars, it is of the largest usable UI library for React Native.

The library’s authors state that

The idea with React Native Elements is more about component structure than actual design, meaning less boilerplate in setting up certain elements but full control over their design‚ÄĚ,

which should make it appealing for both new developers and seasoned veterans. Here’s an example Expo app that shows all the components in action. Feel free to jump in.

4. React Native for Web

Yet another React Native Library with12K-stars on GitHub. This React Native project is also used in Facebook Documentation for React Native App Development. With the use of this library, you can see your development live of your app without device or simulator. Take a look of this open source project in official React Native documentation. All example available on Storybook. Download the project on Github.

5. Native Base

This is one of my favorite libraries in React Native. At 10k stars and over 1k forks, NativeBase is a widely popular UI component library providing dozens of cross-platform components for React native.

When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box and the project itself comes with a rich ecosystem around it, from useful starter-kits to customizable theme templates. Here’s a nice starter kit:

6. Ignite CLI

Ignite another open source project got 9k stars on GitHub. This is a developer-friendly cli. You can use it for generating boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more. By using ignite cli, you will save a ton of time. There are few other features like push notifications, user management, etc. are quite easy to implement using Ignite.

7. Reactotron

Reactotron saves you a ton of development time in terms of debugging. For developers like us, we always need some helpful tools for inspecting the errors we get while writing code. Reactotron is a macOS, Windows, and Linux app for inspecting your React JS and React Native apps. This React Native repository also got 9k stars on GitHub. The open source project aims to help React Native developers to understand every aspect of their app easily.

You can inspect the requests and responses from APIs as well as check your mobile app states and data flows.

8. React Native Swiper

This 7.5k-star library claims to be the best Swiper component for React Native. You can customize styles to fit your detailed needs. If you need a full guide on how you can implement it, let us know in the comment section.

Swiper makes your app a bit attractive. You might have seen swipers when you install some apps. You can define steps on swiper to give your React Native app an awesome look and feel with images and gradients.

9. Gifted Chat

Gifted Chat is a 7k stars React Native open source app. Gifted Chat claims to be the most complete chat UI for React Native. You can get the similar user interface that you might have seen on many chat apps like load earlier messages, attach a photo, copy messages to a clipboard, Multi-line TextInput, InputToolbar avoiding keyboard and much more. However, Gifted Chat library is UI only, so it doesn’t have aanintegrated chatting backend. If you’re looking for a fully working React Native Chat, check out our Instamobile template.

10. React Native Calendars

Yet another and widely used 4k-stars calendar library written in React Native. This calendar library for React native is fully customizable and flexible. It has a lot of advanced features, such as time period marking, time range intervals, multi-dot marking, agenda etc.


We hope you got something useful from this article. Please let us know in the comment section which library you like the most. If you have used any of them, describe your experience with the React Native Open Source apps in the comments. One more thing: Don’t forget to share it.

Happy Coding!

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