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Instagram Clone App

Fully Functional Instagram Clone App Coded in React Native with Firebase Backend

  • Full Source Code and Documentation
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Optimized for both iOS and Android
  • Money Back Guaranteed
Mega Bundle Sale is ON! Get ALL of our React Native codebases at 95% OFF discount 🔥

Fully Customizable Source Code

Get instant access to the codebase of our React Native Instagram Clone App to save time and money on design and development.

Launch Instantly

Save years of hard work and energy by starting with a high-quality implementation.

Save Money

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in design, development and management costs.

Scale to Millions

Scale to millions of users from day 1 with code written by former FAANG developers.

What's Included

  • Instagram Clone in React Native

    You get the full React Native source code, optimized for both iOS and Android. This is the front-end source code.

  • Full Codebase with Backend

    Our backend is built with Firebase. The whole backend source code is included so you save years of development and hard work.

  • Ephemeral Stories, News Feed, Reactions, Comments, Chat.

    We've iterated on our performance features for years, so this app scales to millions of daily active users right off the bat.

  • Interactive Photo Filters

    Instagram-like photo filters allow users to enhance their posts and stories.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Step-by-step documentation that covers everything you need to get started rightaway.

  • Support

    Get support from our developers in case anything comes up while following the documentation.

See It in Action

Download a live demo of our react native instagram app on your mobile phone.

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Features That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Ephemeral Stories

    Photo and video stories that expire after 24h, just like on Instagram or Snapchat. Customize the time interval as desired.

  • Posts / News Feed

    Crazy fast real-time feeds, that scale to millions of users rightaway. Users can make rich posts, that automatically get propagated to their followers' timelines.

  • Comments

    Just like Instagram, users have the ability to post comments on any post, which automatically propagates to all readers.

  • Photo filters

    We worked hard on implementing the photo filters that Instagram itself supports. Users can enhance their photos with our amazing React Native implementation.

  • Social Graph

    Just like on Instagram, Threads or Twitter, the social graph is public. Users can follow and unfollow, and followings and follower lists are available for browsing.

  • Chat

    Fully functional chat feature is available out of the box. It supports text, photo, audio and video messages, just like Instagram DMs.

  • Firebase Integration

    Built on Google Cloud, Firebase allows you to scale to millions of users from day zero.

  • Compatible with latest version of React Native

    Our apps are fully maintained and up to date with latest software versions of React Native, Xcode, Android Studio, etc.

Main Features

  • Ephemeral Stories
  • Posts / News Feed
  • Comments
  • Photos & Videos
  • Monetization

Ephemeral Stories

  • Adding new stories
  • Viewing friends’ stories
  • Interactive story viewer
  • Disappearing after 24h
  • Photo & Video formats

Posts / News Feed

  • Text, Photo and Video formats
  • Multi photo support / Carousel
  • Check ins (with location picker)
  • Hashtags
  • Mentions / Tags

Mobile Infra

  • Multi-language Support
  • Localization
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Modular Theming
  • Persisted Login Credentials
  • Secure Authentication


  • React to post
  • React to message in chat
  • Undo reaction
  • Realtime reactions
  • Realtime counts
  • Multiple reactions


  • Add new friend
  • Send friend request
  • Cancel friend request
  • Accept friend request
  • Friends’ list
  • Search friends

Real-time Chat

  • Photo Messages
  • Video Messages
  • Audio Messages
  • Typing Indicator
  • In-Reply To functionality

Code & Architecture

  • Functional Components
  • Hooks
  • Context
  • Theming
  • Translations

Backend Integration

  • Firebase Auth
  • Firebase Firestore
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Messaging
  • Firebase Functions

The best codebase to start your next mobile project.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Speed & Costs

Instamobile's codebase proved to be incredible. We built our solution in just a matter of days. This was a project estimated to 15 months by several development teams we discussed with. It's insane how much money and time it saved us!

David Falkman


I'm really impressed by how well organized the code is. It's relatively easy to add new components and stuff. I'm a newcomer with React Native and it was easy to understand the code. The integration with Firebase is amazing, the app works really fast.

José Ruiz


Overall, it's remarkable. The code is amazingly clean and well-written -- super elegant. I learned about a lot of performance optimizations that I was not familiar with, such as video compression, memoization, and disk caching. The app is crazy fast!

Nicholas Besyk

More Details About Instagram Clone App

Build Your Own Instagram Clone App Today

Download our premium Instagram Clone App in React Native, fully integrated with Firebase backend, to launch your own photo-sharing social network app in minutes. You can publish your social media app on both iOS and Android, given the cross-platform compatibility of React Native.  Developer  View Cart

Why Use our Instagram Clone App?
  • Save 6 months of development. You can launch today. Avoid going through all the product development stages, such as wireframing, prototyping, designing, coding, testing, bug-fixing, optimizing, improving performance, etc.
  • Save more than $15.000.
  • Save a ton of energy, by not having to hire and fire designers, developers, and testers
  • High-quality design and code. Our experienced engineers worked for highly reputable companies such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Don't reinvent the wheel. You need to build a business, not an app. Focus on what makes your startup unique and your product attractive, rather than writing boilerplate code from scratch.

Whether you're looking to start your own social network startup or you're building a photo-sharing app for a client, our functional Instagram Clone App template written in React Native is the best way to bootstrap your app development. With a beautiful mobile UI Kit, inspired by Instagram design system, and an extremely rich set of features, fully working end-to-end due to Firebase backend integration, this React Native starter kit will help you develop your own mobile app instantly. Our Instagram Clone App in React Native is the most complete Instagram-like social networking app template you can find on the market. Our experienced team has built a highly modularized app template, fully customizable, to allow you to realize your vision more quickly and at a fraction of the cost. We take great pride in the quality of our source code, focusing a lot on scalable and highly modularized architecture. Customizations are a breeze, and the codebase scales easily to big teams or big user bases. Here's a code snippet of one of our source code files:

react native source code
Buy the full React Native source code of this Instagram clone app to build your own Instagram duplicate app, for social networking, chatting, photo messaging and photo sharing. Is there anything missing from our Instagram clone app? Please let us know! At Instamobile, our mission is to offer the most complete app clones & source codes available on the market, so we are always looking for new ideas and features!