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React Native Video Chat App

Fully functional mobile video chat codebase with Firebase backend and WebRTC

  • Full Source Code and Documentation
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Customer Support
  • Optimized for both iOS and Android
  • Money Back Guaranteed
Mega Bundle Sale is ON! Get ALL of our React Native codebases at 95% OFF discount 🔥

Video Chat Functionality in React Native and Firebase

Get instant access to the codebase of our React Native Video Chat App to save time and money on design and development.

Launch Instantly

Save years of hard work and energy by starting with a high-quality implementation.

Save Money

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in design, development and management costs.

Scale to Millions

Scale to millions of users from day 1 with code written by former FAANG developers.

What's Included

  • Video Chat in React Native

    You get the full React Native source code, optimized for both iOS and Android, ready to be used rightaway.

  • Backend Integration with Firebase

    Our backend is built with Firebase and WebRTC. The whole backend source code is included to save you years of development and hard work.

  • Advanced Performance

    We've iterated on our performance features for years, so this app scales to millions of daily active users right off the bat.

  • Detailed Documentation

    Step-by-step documentation that covers everything you need to get started.

  • Support

    Get support from our developers in case anything comes up while following the documentation.

React Native Video Chat App - 60+ screens

See It in Action

Download a live demo of our React Native Video Chat App on your mobile phone.

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Features That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Video & Audio

    Users can call each other to have audio or video conferences.

  • Chat & Messages

    Users can leverage an advanced chat functionality, that supports photo, video and audio messages, typing indicators, in-reply functionality, seen status, and many more.

  • CallKit & Connection Service

    Native integration for call notifications for both iOS (CallKit, PushKit, VoIP) and Android (Connection Service)

  • Advanced Performance

    After years of iterating on reliability, we've reached a highly performant implementation, that uses little Firebase resources, makes the app crazy fast and scales to millions of users.

  • Push Notifications

    Users can receive push notifications when getting new messages or friend requests, as well as other actions on the platform.

The best codebase to start your next mobile project.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Speed & Costs

Instamobile's codebase proved to be incredible. We built our solution in just a matter of days. This was a project estimated to 15 months by several development teams we discussed with. It's insane how much money and time it saved us!

David Falkman


I'm really impressed by how well organized the code is. It's relatively easy to add new components and stuff. I'm a newcomer with React Native and it was easy to understand the code. The integration with Firebase is amazing, the app works really fast.

José Ruiz


Overall, it's remarkable. The code is amazingly clean and well-written -- super elegant. I learned about a lot of performance optimizations that I was not familiar with, such as video compression, memoization, and disk caching. The app is crazy fast!

Nicholas Besyk

More Details About React Native Video Chat App

Download our beautiful Video Chat App template written in React Native, to build your own mobile video live streaming & chat app more quickly. Save months of design & development by using our fully fledged React Native boilerplate code. This app is fully functional, integrated with backend, so you can literally submit your app to the app stores today. If you're looking to build a video chat app in React Native, you can avoid reinventing the wheel, by purchasing our gorgeous video chat app template, written in React Native. You'll get the full source code, with complete control over the functionalities. We also include amazing documentation and customer service, in order to help you launch this app as soon as possible.

Why Buy Our Video Chat App Template?

  • Save 6 months of development
  • Save at least $15.000
  • Get 20,000+ lines of high-quality code
  • Save time, energy & stress
  • Get high-quality code, written by former Twitter, Instagram & Facebook engineers

You can stay ahead of competition, and learn quickly by launching an MVP as soon as possible. Getting to market early and collecting feedback from your users, is crucial for the success of any startup. Even if you're simply looking to learn how to build a video calling app in React Native, this project is the most efficient way to get your hands dirty and learn practically.


  • Private Video Chat
  • Group Video Chat
  • Video Live Streaming / Video Broadcasting
  • Integrated with Backend
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Calling
  • Text Messaging
  • Photo Messaging
  • Video Messaging
  • Audio Messages
  • PushKit & CallKit integration for iOS
    • PushKit Node JS server / Firebase Function included
  • Connection Service integration for Android
  • Foreground, Background and Locked Screen calls
  • Push Notifications & Badges
  • Online Status
  • Typing Indicators
  • Seen Indicators
  • Unread Messages
  • Emojis Support
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Full screen media viewer
  • Video Calling Technology - 2 variants included (you can choose which one to use):
    • WebRTC (free)
    • Twilio (free for the first 25GB/month)
  • Camera & Photo Library integrations
  • Microphone & Camera integrations
  • Speaker Integration
  • Mute feature
  • In-Reply To feature
  • Localization & RTL
  • User blocking & reporting (per Apple's guidelines)
  • Clickable URLs
  • Real-time updates & real-time messaging
  • Social Graph management (friends)
  • Search
  • User Management
  • SMS Phone Authentication
  • Apple Authentication (iOS only)
  • Email & Password authentication
  • Reset Password
  • User Profiles
  • Settings
  • Account Details
  • Performance improvements
    • Image caching
    • Smooth loading states
    • Animations
    • Empty states
    • Photo & Video Compression

We've also launched an Admin Panel in React and Node JS, to make it easier for you to manage the application's backend from a nice user interface. Do you have any suggestions for us? At Instamobile, we build premium code starter kits, to help our customers launch their startups & mobile apps more quickly. We are offering the best mobile app templates in the market, so we are always looking for feedback and suggestions on what features and templates we should be adding. So feel free to drop us a line on how to make this video chat app better.