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Our mission at Instamobile is to enable mobile developers and entrepreneurs launch their dream app as fast as possible, by automating most of the process required for designing, developing and releasing an app. A part of this is to accept payments in React Native apps, for which we use the React Native Checkout package, an open-source library, that has support for Apple Pay, Android Pay as well as regular credit card payments via Stripe.


If you’re looking to implement a React Native payment template, this npm package is exactly what you need. In our opinion, it is by far the most effective way of integrating payments into a react native application. It comes out with a set of really cool features, such as credit card scanner as well as a Payment Selector user interface (useful for the user to select which type of payment they want to go with).

Additionally, the documentation for integrating the react native checkout into a custom mobile app is comprehensive. They even provide an example of how to integrate payments into your app. Check out this Github project.

You are probably already familiar with Stripe, the online payment processor that allows Internet business entrepreneurs to accept payments in their apps. They have a wide range of features, making them a good choice in terms of in-app payment processing. While they provide a Stripe Javascript SDK which you can use directly, we strongly recommend using the React Native Checkout instead, since it’ll save you a lot of time. The payment template is basically an extra abstraction layer on top of Stripe’s SDK, which contains a set of nice UI features as well. So why not take advantage of these extra functionalities as well?

At Instamobile, we help app owners fast track their way into the App Store and Google Play, by not having to reinvent the wheel. Part of how we achieve this is providing fully-coded React Native apps, ready to be customized and launched to production. We’ve integrated payments in all of our ecommerce app templates, to save this burden from the customers who want to make their own Android/iOS app.

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