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Android Pay and Apple Pay have gained a lot of ground in the recent years and they’ve become the new standard for payments in mobile apps. If you have a native checkout experience in your apps, consider using them as your main method of payment. Otherwise, you’ll be missing on great opportunities. If you’re looking to integrate payments into your mobile app, check out our React Native shopping app, which can save you months of hard work, design and development.

apple pay android pay react native payments request

As more and more users love the simple process of paying with these methods, React Native developers are facing the challenge of integrating Apple and Android Pay into their mobile apps.

While adding Apple Pay into a Swift or Objective-C codebase is very well-documented and hence, straightforward, making use of Apple Pay on a React Native app is quite difficult for now. Mainly because there’s no documentation and very few Javascript libraries (which, frankly, were quite buggy). Adding Android Pay to React Native apps is in the same boat.

Until now. React Native Payments represents a react native module which allows mobile developers to easily accept Android Pay and Apple Pay in their react native apps. It takes advantage of the Payment Request protocol, which standardizes the way merchants accept payments over the Internet.

We’ve tried the open-source library ourselves and we used it into one of our React Native E-commerce Templates. The documentation on the GitHub page is very comprehensive and it allows you to add payments to your app effortlessly. It describes exactly how to install the npm package and how to use it. It also lists all the differences between iOS and Android, so that you won’t go through the trouble of figuring them out by yourself.

In addition to purely accepting payments via credit cards, the React Native Payments project also has built-in support for shipping addresses and shipping options, making the Javascript package ideal for mobile apps that deal with e-commerce, shipping, delivering, orders, etc.

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Azhar · January 12, 2019 at 9:14 am

I have integrated Apple Pay using this doc through Reactnative
I got response below like that – (signature,protocolVersion, signedMessage (encryptedMessage, ephemeralPublicKey,tag))
Now i want know how to integrate with worldpay to create XML request using above response and how to send it to worldpay server(PHP) to make payment complete as you mentioned in your doc. I am only facing this problem

Is there any API to complete payment using above response from Apple Pay.

I am waiting your response!!!

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