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React Native is a framework for building cross-platform mobile apps for iOS and Android. There are lots of materials with which to learn React Native and in this article I will show the best 10 resources to learn React Native development. For each learning material I will talk about the entry behavior, time to complete, content and difficulty level.

1. The official documentation

You can find the official documentation here.

Entry level: Knowledge of Javascript

Difficulty: Difficult(for a noob), Moderate(for an intermediate)

Content: The official documentation is the base of all other learning materials and is a great place to get started and read about react native in general.

2. React Native Tutorial for Beginners – Build a React Native App [2020]

Mosh is a great tutor who has a special way of instilling knowledge to his listeners/viewers. I think his voice does the magic

Entry barrier: You should have a knowledge of React and Javascript

Difficulty: Easy

Content: This crash course takes you from setting up react native on your machine to running the app on an emulator. The tutorial deep dives into the major components in react native and how the flexbox works in react native.

Tutorial duration: 2 hours 6 minutes

3. Multiplatform Mobile App Development with React Native

You can find this course on Coursera.

Difficulty: Medium

Content: This course assumes that you have a knowledge of React. The course introduces you to React Native, basic UI elements, state management and persistence. The course also goes on to explore how to use Expo and React Native. You also get to learn how to use SDK APIs.

At the end of the course you can confidently build a complete mobile app.

Duration: 43 hours of material to complete.

4. How to publish Android apps on Google play – Step by Step guide

Difficulty: Medium

Content: Deployment is a very vital yet one of the least discussed aspects in React Native. This is a very short and simple video resource to help developers to upload their applications on Google Play Store. The video also offers some advice on how to get your apps ready. This is high up there in the list recommended React Native learning resources.

Duration: 18:30

5. Configuring iOS App | Publishing a React Native App to the App Store

Difficulty: Medium

Content: In the appended Youtube video, the tutor takes you through configuring your apps for the iOS App Store and uploading them. The video is short, sharp and straight to the point.

Duration: 4:22 minutes

6. Getting Started with Redux in React Native

Difficulty: Medium

Content: In my humble opinion, state management is the most important thing in React Native and requires extreme mastery. The video goes over state management using the most popular state management library in the React Native world

Duration: 32:19 mins

7. React Native in Action: Developing iOS and Android apps with JavaScript by NADER DABIT

Difficulty: Medium

Entry behaviour: For optimal understanding of this book you must have prior knowledge of at Javascript. Familiarity with the use of command line and npm will come in handy. If you know your way around Xcode and Android Studio is also helpful but not required.

Content: This book explores the building blocks of react native. This book is one of the best to learn React Native with in that it touches everything you need to know about React Native.

The book explores the nature of React Native highlighting its strong points and weak spots respectively and then introduces the reader to React ad the way lifecyles work in React.

Styling, Animation and Navigation are discussed in details in this amazing React Native literature.

The book wraps up by guiding the reader to build a real world app

React Native Crash Course 2020

As most of you know, Traversy Media is one of the best tutorial channels and you bet his tutorial on React Native released 4 months ago as of the time of this writing is going to be one of the best materials out there to learn React Native.

Entry Behaviour: Prior knowledge of Javascript is required.

Content: The crash course assumes you have no experience dealing with React Native. Traversy Media introduces you to React Native and guides you to build a basic mobile application.

Duration: 54 minutes.


React Native is an easy mobile development framework to learn and master in a pretty short time and the prior listed tutorials are the very best to set yourself up to be and expert React Native developer in no time. If you know other amazing resources to learn React Native development, please let us know in the comments.

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