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For developers, learning never ends. But what is the best way of learning about the latest technologies & trends from development experts who share their experiences? Podcasts! They have exploded in popularity in the last few years (thanks Airpods!). In this article, we are listing the best React Native podcasts available on the Internet, where developers can learn and stay in touch with the latest React Native development trends. react native podcasts Listening to podcasts has a huge advantage. You can listen to it while commuting, driving, taking a shower, or cleaning your own apartment. Whatever you do, you can easily stream a 30 to 40 minutes episode of an audio file that doesn’t demand your complete attention in a way that a video or written tutorial do. In this article, I am going to enlist some of the best podcasts I generally keep a tap on, and they have helped me over the years to become a better React Native Developer. As a React Native dev, you know the number of crazy changes (for the good) that were released in the last year. Keeping a tap on those changes is essential for a healthy developer mindset. Another reason I listen to podcasts, especially on React Native, is to learn about developers who share their experiences about using a particular library or how to architect a new React Native app. Listening to the scenarios faced by others is a gold mine. The React Native podcasts listed below are beneficial to any level, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, but the list mainly consists and recommends episodes for React Native developers. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best React Native Podcasts that are creating a lot of value for the cross-platform development ecosystem.

1. React Native Radio

react native podcasts If you are planning to listen to only one podcast this year within the React Native world, React Native Radio is your go-to podcast. Published by the team behind, each of the episodes is interesting in terms of content, industry experts sharing their pragmatic approaches on using a particular library or a framework. The most up to date changes that the React Native framework get, are discussed here. Another thing to note about React Native Radio is that its panelists have been Nader Dabit, Spencer Carli, Gant LaBorde, and Josh Justice. Both of them are experts in cross-platform React Native development and often share their own way of handling a particular task or a problem. The podcast comes with 3 to 4 episodes per month, on average. Some of our favorite episodes from this podcast are:

2. React Podcast

react podcasts As its tagline suggests, “Conversations about React with your favorite developers”, this podcast is true to its word. Hosted by Michael Chan, it tends to cover interviews with developers who are industry experts in GraphQL, ReactJS, React Native, JavaScript and open source development in general. The frequency episodes is one per week. The reason we admire this podcast is that Michael is such a great interviewer and his questions at times will match the thoughts you are going to have while listening to the podcast. Fun fact, React Podcast is relatively new and is a one-man show, as compared to other podcasts mentioned in this list. Here are some of our favorite episodes on React Native development from this podcast:

3. Software Engineering Daily

mobile development podcasts This is another React Native podcast that covers bits and pieces in cross-platform development world and that has many interesting episodes to offer. They release an episode completely dedicated to React Native occasionally but if you are interested in other aspects of being a developer, such as ReactJS development, frontend development or general tech news with insights, this podcast is quite consistent in releasing a number of episodes every week. Here are some of our favorite React Native episodes, hand-picked for you:

4. Undefined Podcast

javascript podcast While the frequency of episodes might not seem consistent at, the podcast is run by two awesome hosts: Jared Palmer and Ken Wheeler. Both of them are heavily interested in the JavaScript and React Native worlds and they pick their episodes very wisely. At you are going to find a variety of topics that a JavaScript developer, in general, might be interested in. What is interesting is that the hosts know how to have fun and make the listening experience quite relaxing. Some of our favorite episodes from this React Native podcast are:

5. React Round Up

best react native podcasts founder Charles Max Wood has opened up a goldmine for us developers with a variety of podcasts that focus on different frameworks and programming languages. We’ve already discussed one of them in this list. Another one, which we personally like and love to hear is React Round Up. This podcast has the most diverse panelists and host since its creation. To name a few will be an injustice to others. The focus of this podcast is to interview the guest as well as let them share their own developer experience. The panelists or the hosts dive in to share their own dev stories and adventures as well as realities. The frequency of this podcast to release a new episode is once per week. Some of our favorite episodes from this podcast for React Native Developers are:


React Native as a framework continues to spread its core message “learn once, write everywhere” gracefully. To do so, we, developers love to value our time and energy and listening to podcasts is just one way to do that. Also, in the world of information overload, the medium you use to obtain information have to be limited such that it doesn’t distract you from your major goal. Thus, in this list we have tried to list the best React Native podcasts that anyone interested in React Native world can follow. I personally try to look at the React Native podcasts in a minimum input and maximum output way. Since they are just an audio file, they can be played wherever and using whatever source or medium.

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