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The Salon and Spa is one industry that’s based on repeated business. Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s spa and salon services like massages, haircuts, manicure, and pedicure were luxurious services generally provided for rich elites as it depends on affluence. In recent times, people have become more concerned about their hairstyle and overall personality. In the past, there was a usual notion that it is the females who are more concerned about their looks, hair, and skin but with the changing trends, even men are willing to groom their body and particularly take care of their hair.

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As the world changes, the use of smartphones has been phenomenal everywhere in the world. More than 75% of internet users are now coming from mobiles & tablets. Slowly and gradually, digital marketing has expanded enormously and most of the day-to-day services such as taxi booking, online goods delivery, and automobile repairing, etc. are done using mobile apps, so it will be of great benefit if salon and spa can inculcate the practice. Due to this development, through mobile apps, a lot of hair salons and spas have started using online appointment and booking which helps them organize client request and allocate appropriate time to each client. Mobile apps have become the new phase of customer engagement. Every successful business today owns at least one mobile app in the app store.  A mobile app for a beauty salon is the best way to get traffic in your salon. Whether you render a haircut, face treatment, manicure, pedicure or massage- integrating all your services on an app platform will make management painless and it will make it easier to connect with clients.

A good hair salon app should have great features to boost business. In this article, we are looking at some of the features, that tie closely to the reasons why a mobile app will boost your business by increasing sales and recurring customers.

Appointment Booking

Don’t you struggle booking appointments for numerous client in your salon? You have to keep a separate caller to receive calls, set appointments, fix stylist and so on. But with the appointment booking feature, your beauty salon will accept jobs in an organized way and this also helps to allocate appropriate time to each client. Finally, this brings nice value addition to service with a happy customer. In advance level, these mobile apps can also help to provide an on-demand spa service or on-demand salon service via mobile app. Having this feature in your app can be helpful in providing easy appointment and can help you book new clients and retain existing appointments. It also helps to implements an up-front commitment fee for the appointment.

Appointment reminders for your salon

 Appointment reminder is also a crucial feature of salon apps as it enables you to send reminders to your new and existing client via SMS or email about their regular appointments. With dedication, you can secure more appointments that may help you boost your business traffic and increase your salon rating amongst others.

Getting instant appointment booking option is one of the best salon app features. In addition, you get:

  • In-built calendar for a customer to book an appointment easily with convenience.
  • One tap appointment booking option
  • Payment on booking
Offers & Loyalties

Customer loyalty and positive reviews are the key factors to a successful business. Who doesn’t love rewards? Whether it’s a weekend offer or a free haircut, manicure or pedicure. Customers should be served with attractive loyalties and reward on a regular basis, customer care services are also wonderful ways to make client stay glue and enjoy the awesome experience with your salon. Apart from having a user-friendly app, treating loyal customers with offers is what can keep your old customers and bring in new ones. If you improve your service quality and shower your customer with series of discounts, giveaways and coupons they will choose your salon over other salons, you can build loyalty and as a result, boost sales for your salon. Customer referral system should also be included in your app as it helps in building a stronger bond with customers, if an existing customer refers a friend or relative, they’ll both get some discount. With this feature in your app, you should be able to measure the performance of your offers, promotions and marketing activities.

With this feature you get:

  • Easy to use salon special offer navigation
  • In-app discounts and giveaways
  • Synchronized offers with customer consistence
Photo and Video Catalogue

A salon mobile app should have a catalog i.e. photo gallery where customers can browse through the varieties of services you offer from different types of trendy haircuts to a variety of pedicure and manicure, facial treatments of all sorts and massages shouldn’t be left out. Being transparent with your pricing is essential; the prices of each of your services should be stated expressively. Every salon customer compares the service pricing with other salons. Salon shops that sell beauty products can also display goods with its details on the mobile app for customers to buy. The goal of your salon service is to alleviate the stress factor from your customer, isn’t? Showing off your services and products with the exact pricing details makes your customers stay glued to your app

 With this feature, customers can:

  • Browse through different hairstyles
  • Display beauty product with its details
  • View short clips of some trendy haircuts
Social Media Integration

Uploading pictures and short videos of your services on social media is of great benefit to you as it allows a vast number of people around the world to know more about your salon. Adding photos and videos to your social media account every day is a herculean task. Your mobile app should be able to upload picture and videos of haircuts on your social media pages i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and so on. Through your social media account, customers should be able to interact with the hairstylist on tips about their hair and beauty product. Celebrity obsession is an all-time high trend, and a dedicated salon should not miss the opportunity of new hair looks. You can introduce Hairstyle of the Week where you can post a celebrity picture; describe the type of style and replicate it for a customer. Add hashtag with a photo to your social media account to attract new clients. With this feature, your customers will have a seamless awesome experience using your mobile app.


A dedicated app for saloon should have location features such as location alert which makes your salon or barbershop stay in the mind of the user so at any given opportunity they are able to choose your service even if is just for the discount features.  Hair saloon apps can be equipped with GPS systems that can guide a prospective client to the exact location of your shop. This kind of data is a good strategy in terms of hospitality and marketing which result in higher sales and better user experience.

Compatibility with popular platforms

A saloon app should have Android, IOS and Web version for clients with a variety of choices. Before you commit to a salon app, make sure that it’s compatible with the platform of choice. Payment of services on your app should be as easy as possible, there should be options for debit or credit card payment, payment via bank wire and cryptocurrencies should be available also.

Other features that can be found in a hair salon app:

  • Before and After barbing/hairdo
  • App Sharing via Social Sites
  • Mobile Referral Program
  • Customer Reviews & Feedback System
  • News on the latest hairstyles
  • Contact Us

The modern-day salon is vastly different from the old traditional salons that we had decades ago. Salon owners are already embracing new technology and this has not only brought a huge change in their work culture but also brought forward many new innovations in the field and new treatments that people are less aware of. Your salon shop might be doing OK right now, but it can definitely be doing better. Getting a mobile app makes your process more efficient. You’ll be able to spend more time working instead of doing tedious tasks that your app can handle, such as scheduling appointments.

Your app will enhance an awesome customer experience. Having loyalty programs, referral bonus, and giveaways will always make customers stay glued to your salon and boost your overall sales. Having a mobile app for your salon will make their lives easier and put more money in your pocket. A dedicated mobile app can put your salon out there to the whole world, bring in new customers and build stronger bonds with the existing one.

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