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As a developer, your days are extremely busy. As a React Native developer, even more so. With the technology evolving at a rapid pace, staying up to date with the latest React Native & Expo releases is always a struggle. That’s why I decided to curate the best React Native Newsletters, that help me stay on top of my mobile developer game.

best react native newsletters

In the busy days in the life of dev, a question comes to one’s mind, how to keep yourself up to date with these changes or any new exciting posts, tutorials, or use cases that someone has written or made a video about? Well, here are 6 hand picked links to React Native newsletters that are active and won’t spam you. I have been subscribed to them for a year now and no, they haven’t commissioned me to add their link to this post. The following list is an opinionated one but based on one’s honest pursuit to continue to learn in the world of React Native.

React Native is always a popular choice of framework to develop native cross-platform mobile apps. Not only you can use leverage the knowledge of JavaScript as a programming language, conceptually, React Native as a framework, is based on Reactjs. Any great changes that come to Reactjs are going to be available to React Native devs as well. One good example is the recent the adoption of React Hooks. React Native apps can now be completely based on using functional components. No more classes and constructors.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best React Native newsletters that will help you stay on top of all the React Native and Expo releases, especially the news breaking ones. Adopting these updates quickly will help you move faster in your development process and it will also boost your career tremendously. Don’t wait for 2 years to learn hooks, haha.

React Native Newsletter

react native newsletter

React Native Newsletter is a bi-weekly list of everything that happens in the React Native world. It covers from articles, community highlights that is a collection of latest and useful open source libraries that you can use in your React Native apps, to videos as well as real React Native app use cases. Yes, apps that are live on app stores.

Most React Native newsletters listed in the list follow the same pattern of curating list of resources in various forms such as articles, videos and so on but a fun fact is that React Native Newsletter is one of the older newsletter to exist in the world of React Native. It was first started by Brent Vatne from Expo and then handed over to the team at Infinite Red who are the current maintainers.

React Native Now Newsletter

react native now newsletter

Curated by Michael Lefkowitz, React Native Now completely focuses on React Native development and community contributions. It is also a bi-weekly React Native newsletter that offers tutorials, videos, major news as well as a link to open source libraries and projects. The important aspect of this newsletter is that it always has unique content.

React Status Newsletter

react status newsletter

React Status is a weekly newsletter that curates links from both Reactjs and React Native world. If you are a frontend developer and your daily work wants you to focus on major aspects of the frontend development, this newsletter is for you to follow. It offers links to tutorials, libraries, as well new React or React Native jobs.

Any developer who is interested in expanding information about React and React Native will find many valuable tips here.

Work React Native Newsletter

work react native newsletter

Curated by Spencer Carli, Work React Native is a weekly newsletter that gets delivered every Monday with the latest job offers specific to React Native devs. The job offers are both at times, offer on location or remote positions. If you are looking for work right now or in the upcoming future, you might want to take a look at this one.

The origin of this newsletter started from Spencer getting inquiries to work on different React Native projects. Being a solo dev, he cannot say yes to everything. Thus, he started this newsletter.

Fullstack React

fullstack react

Curated by Sophia Shoemaker, Fullstack React is a weekly newsletter that keeps you stay up to date with the latest development in React and React Native. It covers articles, open-source libraries, tutorials, and development tools.

React Digest

react digest

React Digest‘s motive is to make you stay on top of the technology. On subscribing it will send you one letter per week, every Monday, that includes only 5 links to articles that they think are worth looking at. That’s it. It has been more than 200 weeks and they are keeping it concise.

Good news with React Digest is that they accept submissions of posts from the community as well. Yes, as React Native developer you can submit the link to a post that you think is worth anyone’s time. Also, be careful with the power you have.


You don’t have to subscribe to all of the React Native newsletters listed above. Of course, you have to guard the consumption of information and limit to an extent that is healthy and provides benefits to your personal growth as a developer.

These are the best React Native newsletters that are currently active in the React Native / ReactJS mobile ecosystem. I also have one of my own, which I’m plugging below.



As a React Native developer myself and a technical blogger with 1 million+ views, I have been running a newsletter that keeps up to date with the latest tutorials or articles I write on React Native and general web development that includes Nodejs and Reactjs. As a react native enthusiast myself, I try to write articles that are concise and informative.

If you want to join my personal newsletter, here is the link.

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