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Getting Started with React & Node.js

In this section, we are going to describe how to get your React and Node.js running on your machine. Those two are the minimal requirements for running an admin panel.

1. Installing Node.js and React

This is first step in getting our admin panel running, so to install Node.js just follow the official guide.
Node.js comes in with the package manager npm which helps us install everything else we need, react included.

2.  Getting our project ready to run

First we have to open a console/cmd and go to the admin panel’s folder. Once you’re in the folder’s path with the console you can run the command:

npm install

This will get the server ready to run.

After the command ends running we can go back to the console and move to the client folder which is inside the admin panel’s folder, and run the command again:

npm install

This will finish the preparations for our admin panel.

3. Running our project

Now we can run our project, and we will need the console again. All what we have to do is to go into the admin panel’s folder, and run the command:

npm run dev

This will start the server, and should open the admin panel’s page on your browser.
Now you can log into your account and you should see something like this:

By default, the database is linked to our own database. So what we have to do now is link your own database to the admin panel, and you will be ready to manage your database!