Instamobile Code S.R.L won’t be liable for any customer support requests. We reserve the right to choose which customers we support. Your purchases do not include customer support, you only purchase a license to use our source code. However, we do offer as much support as possible, but Instamobile won’t be liable for it. In general, WE OFFER SUPPORT FOR:

  • Helping you use the features within our product if your request comes within 1 month from your purchase
  • Bug fixes – if you discovered bugs in your downloaded product we will fix it only if your request comes within 1 month from your purchase
  • Functionalities which do not work as advertised — we will fix them as soon as we find out from you that there might be something wrong, if your request comes within 1 month from your purchase


  • Offer support in dealing with Apple or Google
  • Offer support that’s not related to our source code
  • Offer support if your requests are made after 1 month from your purchase.
  • Maintain the app for you. If libraries get deprecated or new React Native versions are being released after your purchase, we are not responsible for maintenance.
  • Do custom development


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