Launch Your Own Tinder Clone Today

Are you looking to build a mobile app like Tinder? You can save years of development and hundreds of thousands of dollars by using our fully functional Tinder clone app, which we’ve already built for you, with all the products a business like Tinder needs:

  • iOS native mobile app
  • Android native mobile app
  • Admin Panel

Stop wasting your time and get your app idea to market quickly. Build an MVP in minutes, that’s highly optimized for performance and user experience.

Why Buy Our Tinder Clone

  • Developed by former Instagram & Facebook engineers
  • Scales to billions of users from day 0
  • Highly tested for performance: amazing infrastructure, deep optimizations, speed, crash free, bug free.
  • Save 2 years of hardcore development
  • Save millions of dollars
  • Fully customizable, with 100% control over the source code
  • Comprehensive documentation

tinder clone

Tech Stack

  • React Native (mobile apps)
  • React + Node JS (web panel)
  • Node JS (server)
  • Database Variants
    • MongoDB database, deployable anywhere (e.g. Heroku, AWS, CGP, Azure, etc)
    • Firestore for Firebase (GCP)
    • DynamoDB with Amplify (AWS)

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