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Getting Started

Thank you for purchasing our React Native Appointments App. This is the official documentation that will help you make use of our source code efficiently and successfully. There are 6 main steps that you need to go through:

  1. Build and run the project on iOS and Android
  2. Link your own Firebase account  & set up push notifications
  3. Populate your database with categories & vendors
  4. Populate the data for professionals
  5. Build and run the professional / appointment management app
  6. Make further customizations

We are going to describe each stage in details, assuming everyone who reads this has no prior React Native experience. If you are already familiar with things such as building React Native iOS projects with Cocoapods, feel free to skip those articles and move on.

We recommend you to follow the steps below, in order:

1. Build and run the downloaded React Native project – Full Documentation

2. Link your own Firebase account – Full Documentation

3. Configure Facebook Login – Full Documentation

4. Configure Push Notifications – Full Documentation

5. Get familiar with our core components and design patterns – Full Documentation

6. Populate the data for your multi-vendor / single-vendor appointments app – Full Documentation